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I’m in love with this place. I have been here more than 2 times now.   Beverage: Belvoir Juice of Elderflower - The BEST companion throughout the dinner was Belvoir Juice of Elderflower. The aroma of the extracts is so consuming that I could only take it in sips, out of the fear of losing it if I finish it in one gulp. Food: Polo Coriander Peso - Pizzas are deliciously thin crust and mouth watering toppings. The one I drool for is Polo Coriander Peso. It's Indian Style with just the right amount of spice and complimenting onions all over it.

Time - The Consistent

Time is bliss. Time is curse. Whichever comes shall never be reversed. Time heals. Time steals. But it's purpose is concealed. Time is soothing. Time is confusing. The motive is, to experience. Time has memories. Time has worries. Time is now and in it should be acceptance. Time was. Time will be. If it hasn't happened yet, it shall be.