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Him & I

The spark in your eyes. Like twinkling fireflies. Your voice in the breeze. Always put me at ease. To the stars I wanna stare. Beyond this horizon with you I shall dare. To tell the world I wanna scream out loud. With you I'm proud. Let’s see the sunrise and the set. With you I never fret. I love the moment when you touch my soul. With you I'm whole. This part in is scare to say. Don't be afraid we'll face the demons and slay. I hope this thing (whatever this may be called) lasts forever. We shall die but our story will never blur. To the god I pray on my knees. I keep hearing your voice in the breeze. The earth the breeze the world will witness our love and fight. With this I'm bidding you Goodnight. And I'll kiss you in the morning when the sky will shine bright....   _________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ __ Him & I Co-authored by @the.writers

You are my moon, I'm the sun.

You are my moon, I'm the sun. We see each other every day but the distance between us will stay. You are my moon, I'm the sun. You may have scars all over your face but my light will only show your grace. You are my moon, I'm the sun. You are surrounded by thousands of twinkling stars but only I can see your various avatars. You are my moon, I'm the sun. You are bound to earth with whom you'll stay but it's my gravity that's why you sway. You are my moon, I'm the sun. You are my moon, I'm not your sun but in the end we shall be one. You are my moon, I'm the sun.

You are my...

You are my star in the night. Twinkling at me. You are my rains from the heaven. Reviving me. You are my wave reaching the shore. Caressing me. You are my shadow. Always with me. You are my sunshine. Enlightening me.

Through and through

A bond beyond words. A scenery with crimson sunset and drifting birds. I hold your hand intertwined in mine. I see your beautiful face with a curvy line. Taking deep breath, I drink in all the moment. Sitting beside you has always been pleasant. The starry sky pulling over its blanket. The winds softly chiming your anklets. I'd fall in love over and again with you. Through and through.

Yours truly, Author

  Dear Blog, This is the first time I’m writing a letter to you. Hope you receive it in time. It’s been a while since I thought of writing a letter to you, to tell you how important you are to me. We have been together since few years now but there was hardly a time we spoke to each other. I believe there’s no better way than a snail mail to fill up this gap. Frankly speaking I can’t recollect what motivated me to start a blog but I do remember how the enthusiasm kicked in and we started writing our own history together. We started the journey with youthful rhymes. Yeah! I remember why we decided it to be named as “rhymes” & not poems. It was because we didn’t consider ourselves to match the level of those celebrated poets. We considered ourselves rookie in this field but I must say I enjoyed and still do the way we wrote rhymes & were eager to publish it to the world. We were like a drop in the sea but what encouraged us was that now we are the part of the sea! Year