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Starting a New Life!!

It was my final semester of BSc.I.T (Bachelor of Science – Information Technology); all was set for me to enter a new world when I flunked it by one paper. It was a hard hitting blow considering the efforts I took to get in ‘Science’ stream.   Flashback: I scored 58.13% in 10 th   which didn’t qualify me to take ‘Science’ as a stream for college. Science had always been the most fascinating thing for me since childhood; answering all my questions of ‘What’, ‘When’, Why’, ‘Where’. I was low on my self esteem but I was ablaze with determination to get myself back up, to reach where I want to be. Back in those days there was only one window from where you could switch from Commerce stream to Science stream, i.e.: by taking Mathematics & I.T (Information Technology) as subjects. It was a tough journey considering taking the Commerce stream due to Math, which was one of my weaknesses. However, with my resolve and guidance from my professors of both college and classes I achieved


Ever since I heard about Google’s Android OS powered phones I was very much keen to have one for myself. But back then it wasn’t possible to get it as I was still in college making a living on pocket money. Being a tech lover, the cool features of the OS and the concept of a smart phone fascinated me a lot.  Life moved on and the day finally came on 22 nd   Jan’ 2012 when with my ‘ khoon pasina ek kar ke ’ I brought my very first Google Android smart phone. The moment of having a smart phone in my hand took me to a whole new level of happiness. Touch screen phone featuring 3.5” display and the ultimate Gingerbread Android OS. Whoa!! It was dream come true. Google Maps, Gtalk, Gmail, Games, GPS, Notes, Music, Video, Internet, Camera (with 5MP, LED flash and autofocus) so on and so forth. It was like having access to   n   number of things just a swipe or touch away. I could still remember that sheer amazement I felt when I could do everything with just a soft touch on the screen