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The first person who comes to my mind when I think of #madeofgreat is her, my source of inspiration, my loving grand-mother. I call her aai (Marathi word for 'Mother') even though she is my grandma. And why shouldn't I!! Even before I took my first breath in this world she cared for me by nurturing my mother when I was in her womb. She is the one in whose hands I feel joyous. Holding her hand I walked in every garden in the vicinity. She truly did and still shows what 'Unconditional Love' is. I think that's what drives her and makes her who she is. A loving, caring person filled with life.  

Diwali Decors

Every year, the winters bring in the most awaited festival of the year. Deepavali or Diwali as known fondly; is celebrated with lots on enthusiasm throughout the nation. Though the nation is known to celebrate most festivals with the same enthusiasm, Diwali has a different charm. From the annual cleaning (aka parting with our old beloved stuff) to renovating homes to buying new clothes, firecrackers, home utilities, decorations every little thing has a “new” feeling to it to welcome prosperity. Personally, I love the part of lighting up our homes with beautiful lights, kandils (lanterns), diyas (earthen oil lamps) and beautiful rangoli (powder art). And this year, with an added enthusiasm; I would like to lend a helping hand to a contemporary way of creating beautiful & easy rangolis. Also decorated diyas, haldi-kumkum boxes and aarti thali are in the store. Specially hand-crafted only for you.   Rangolis: Set of re-arrangable  acrylic kundan rangoli:

Closed Book...

I'm not happy with myself... I'm an unpicked book in the top shelf... Dust settling over as time passes... No more top corner folds or behind the back creases... There isn't any glance up here... Forgotten and left out I fear... I remember being open... Every line being read while munching a bun...

ASUS Zenfone 2

Trekking is a part of my life. Being a wanderer you have to be prepared to tackle the hurdles that come your way. So my backpack is loaded with necessary things to make the journey light and flexible. Not to forget the technological innovations these days, those are complimenting the essence of travelling.  SMARTPHONE! Has a very significant part while trekking. It encapsulates many things that aid travelling. Like finding directions, capturing moments, connecting with the world in the moment of distress, work on the go (at times you just can’t ignore it) and still having enough juice to make the home coming journey entertaining/relaxing by watching movies, listening to songs or playing games. So choosing a good Smartphone is as important as packing your backpack.  ASUS Zenfone 2   is the right companion for trekking. Here are my 5 reasons: BoostMaster:   Plans work best when they are spontaneous. That’s when there is very less time to charge your phone. Hey! ASUS Z

Raksha Bandhan...

Operation: Ag jubilé

“Hey sis, what surprise shall we plan for mom & dad’s 25 th   wedding anniversary?”   It was just a week away and I was still struggling for an idea. She was just pacing around in her frustration   “Argh, I’m trying to think of one since last one month. So far we have given greetings, made fancy craft items, and surprised them with gifts on their previous anniversaries. But this particular one needs to be very special, one that is memorable especially for them”. I was thinking over the pointers which she mentioned   “Whatever we plan it should be about them rather than what we feel for them. Let us jot down a few memories they have shared with us of their golden days. We shall figure out something on that line.” For the next few days we were recollecting the memories in a labyrinth of our thoughts.


ADVENTURE is an integral part of my life. To me it is ‘ A   d ivine   venture ’ . In my childhood doing a wheelie or slow cycling thrilled me. I even used to ride my cycle on under construction roads in order to maintain balance and take it as far as I could without touching my feet down. These small ventures of mine gave me a much required confidence boost & added stars to my self-reliance. And as I grew up, so did my thirst for the escapades! Last year I was on a spree of treks and adventure sports. I started with moonlight rappelling at Duke’s Nose, then a trek filled with Fireflies at Rajmachi, later on I trekked to Kalsubai at the top of the highest peak in Maharashtra. River Rafting at Kundalika River in Kolad was an intermission to my adventure last year, which without any doubt will continue this time. River Rafting is a very special page in my life’s dairy. Not because it was my idea and that I pulled my friends along with me but this particular experience te

Starting a New Life!!

It was my final semester of BSc.I.T (Bachelor of Science – Information Technology); all was set for me to enter a new world when I flunked it by one paper. It was a hard hitting blow considering the efforts I took to get in ‘Science’ stream.   Flashback: I scored 58.13% in 10 th   which didn’t qualify me to take ‘Science’ as a stream for college. Science had always been the most fascinating thing for me since childhood; answering all my questions of ‘What’, ‘When’, Why’, ‘Where’. I was low on my self esteem but I was ablaze with determination to get myself back up, to reach where I want to be. Back in those days there was only one window from where you could switch from Commerce stream to Science stream, i.e.: by taking Mathematics & I.T (Information Technology) as subjects. It was a tough journey considering taking the Commerce stream due to Math, which was one of my weaknesses. However, with my resolve and guidance from my professors of both college and classes I achieved


Ever since I heard about Google’s Android OS powered phones I was very much keen to have one for myself. But back then it wasn’t possible to get it as I was still in college making a living on pocket money. Being a tech lover, the cool features of the OS and the concept of a smart phone fascinated me a lot.  Life moved on and the day finally came on 22 nd   Jan’ 2012 when with my ‘ khoon pasina ek kar ke ’ I brought my very first Google Android smart phone. The moment of having a smart phone in my hand took me to a whole new level of happiness. Touch screen phone featuring 3.5” display and the ultimate Gingerbread Android OS. Whoa!! It was dream come true. Google Maps, Gtalk, Gmail, Games, GPS, Notes, Music, Video, Internet, Camera (with 5MP, LED flash and autofocus) so on and so forth. It was like having access to   n   number of things just a swipe or touch away. I could still remember that sheer amazement I felt when I could do everything with just a soft touch on the screen