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Walk a mile in my shoes

I missed your first talk. I left for office when you first walk. I couldn’t be with you, first day at school. I know your dad isn’t that cool. I was on the way home, when you got injured. I was really scared when I heard. I cancelled our plan for the sunset. I know I owe you my time as a debt. I wish for a life to live those lost moments. More than you, I regret my absence. I was out there to make your future bright. I want your days ahead to be filled with light. Coz I’ve been in the darkness and blues. I'd never want you to walk a mile in my shoes.   This post is a part of  Write Overthe Weekend , an initiative for  IndianBloggers  by BlogAdda . Winner of "Write Over Weekend" contest by BlogAdda

Life is a box of emptiness..

Winner of "Write Over Weekend" contest by BlogAdda In valley of singing birds and a river, lived a brother and his sister in a wooden cabin. His name was Daniel and hers Shirley. Daniel used to earn bread by cutting timber and Shirley was in school. He was creative whereas she was curious! It was a Saturday afternoon, Daniel was returning home from work for lunch with his sister. Shirley was waiting for him while playing with her wooden unicorn. It was beautiful crafted wooden piece by Daniel himself as a birthday present to her. She loved fairy tales which Daniel used to tell her during bed time. And unicorn was her favourite mythical creature. She loved the noise the unicorn's legs made on the wooden table when she used to make it walk. It sounded like a real horse shoe would sound!   And then suddenly the unicorn slipped from her hand and fell to the floor breaking the horn. She couldn't bare the loss, tears started dripping from her eyes. She