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Him & I

The spark in your eyes. Like twinkling fireflies. Your voice in the breeze. Always put me at ease. To the stars I wanna stare. Beyond this horizon with you I shall dare. To tell the world I wanna scream out loud. With you I'm proud. Let’s see the sunrise and the set. With you I never fret. I love the moment when you touch my soul. With you I'm whole. This part in is scare to say. Don't be afraid we'll face the demons and slay. I hope this thing (whatever this may be called) lasts forever. We shall die but our story will never blur. To the god I pray on my knees. I keep hearing your voice in the breeze. The earth the breeze the world will witness our love and fight. With this I'm bidding you Goodnight. And I'll kiss you in the morning when the sky will shine bright....   _________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ __ Him & I Co-authored by @the.writers