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DIY Diwali Lantern

Things you need: Approx. 30 mid-size plastic cups Light wire containing approx. 30 lights (same as the number of cups you will use) Stapler   Cutter/Scissors Glue Chart papers (colour combination of your choice) Reflective decorative particles  

In short it’s – Made by Google

I was excited for the #madebygoogle launch scheduled on 4 th Oct’ 16 at 9:30pm IST. And now after watching the LIVE streaming I’m SUPER EXCITED! It’s like “Welcome to the Future” event :D Let me tell you the event in quick “TO THE POINT” snippets from the #madebygoogle LIVE Stream. AI: Artificial Intelligence -      Mobile first to AI first: Current generation is closely linked to their phones. We use it for all sorts of day to day stuff. Google is changing this! It is bringing AI to the common people making it your “Personal Assistant”. Like your own Personal Google! -      Hardware Importance: So far Google as mostly focused on the Software like its Android OS, Search Engine and many other useful products BUT now they’ll also be giving importance to hardware as to meet their technological advancement and better integration with their software. In other words hardware with AI at its core.

It's in the moment.

It's in the fragrance of the first rain... It's in the sight of a twilight lit lane... It's in the glance of a butterfly... It's in the colors of the ever-changing charismatic sky... It's in the beats of the music... It's in the pause between the lyrics... A door to countless emotions... A breeze that takes away burdens... It's in the silence of your room... It's in the sudden movement in a mother's womb... It's in the exhaustion after a run... It's in the smile after some fun...


I’m in love with this place. I have been here more than 2 times now.   Beverage: Belvoir Juice of Elderflower - The BEST companion throughout the dinner was Belvoir Juice of Elderflower. The aroma of the extracts is so consuming that I could only take it in sips, out of the fear of losing it if I finish it in one gulp. Food: Polo Coriander Peso - Pizzas are deliciously thin crust and mouth watering toppings. The one I drool for is Polo Coriander Peso. It's Indian Style with just the right amount of spice and complimenting onions all over it.

Time - The Consistent

Time is bliss. Time is curse. Whichever comes shall never be reversed. Time heals. Time steals. But it's purpose is concealed. Time is soothing. Time is confusing. The motive is, to experience. Time has memories. Time has worries. Time is now and in it should be acceptance. Time was. Time will be. If it hasn't happened yet, it shall be.

Night gathers, and now my watch begins.

Being a fan Game of Thrones (GoT) these lines “Night gathers, and now my watch begins.” from the Night’s Watch oath fascinated me. There isn’t “The Wall” to guard from “White Walkers” *damn reality*, so you can’t really take any such oath and therefore cannot recite these lines. But as we all have seen in GoT, Life is full of uncertainty, be it death or happiness. We just need to deal with whatever comes our way. Back Story: It was just a normal lazy Sunday with a plan to take party & give a tour to one of my friend to Global Vipassana Pagoda . A peaceful place to go away from the city chaos, take pictures of the beautiful pagoda and see some amazing art gallery on the Life of Gautama Buddha.

Global Vipassana Pagoda


Crunchy Vanilla

SUMMER VACATION!! These words convey not so welcomed season yet the most awaited time of the year respectively. Though my summer vacation days are long gone *curse the corporate life*; I still remember ways of chilling in the HOT season with either my favourite ice-cream or mom made mix fruit custard with jelly topping it *Mmmmm.. yummy*. While mom’s recipes were all mine to feast on, the ones available outside were on luck. It used to be so irritating to go out in the scorching heat only to find out that your favourite ice-cream went out of stock, mostly leaving other not so liked or vanilla flavour for you. Being a foodie and inspired by mom’s innovation habit I bring to you ‘Crunchy Vanilla’ . A short and sweet recipe, that won’t make your trip to the store a waste of time when you don’t find your favourite flavour of ice-cream. Recipe:   Grab a vanilla cup. Take your favourite cookies. E.g.: Parle Milano or Good-Day Chunkies Scoop the vanilla ice-cream into a dis