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Ever since I heard about Google’s Android OS powered phones I was very much keen to have one for myself. But back then it wasn’t possible to get it as I was still in college making a living on pocket money. Being a tech lover, the cool features of the OS and the concept of a smart phone fascinated me a lot. 

Life moved on and the day finally came on 22nd Jan’ 2012 when with my ‘khoon pasina ek kar ke I brought my very first Google Android smart phone. The moment of having a smart phone in my hand took me to a whole new level of happiness. Touch screen phone featuring 3.5” display and the ultimate Gingerbread Android OS. Whoa!! It was dream come true. Google Maps, Gtalk, Gmail, Games, GPS, Notes, Music, Video, Internet, Camera (with 5MP, LED flash and autofocus) so on and so forth. It was like having access to n number of things just a swipe or touch away. I could still remember that sheer amazement I felt when I could do everything with just a soft touch on the screen. It was a good riddance to the hard unresponsive keys of my old phone. I was and still am a proud user of Gingerbread Android OS.

Time has finally come to get ahead in the race with the latest stuff. And the best smart phone released in the market [psst. one which also fits my budget!!] is none other than 2nd Gen #MotoE from Motorola.

I #ChooseToStart my journey of my most loved Android OS with 2nd Gen #MotoE which packs in the sweetest OS ever released - ‘Lollipop’. I always wanted to have my hands on this OS ever since its release. The best part I like about Motorola is that it always comes with a Pure Android OS experience; which helps unleash the best of the Android OS and if that wasn’t enough for you then Motorola backs up their consumers with the upgrades of the Android OS too (Yes, they are listening to needs of their consumer and that’s what I love about this company).

Another feature that catches my eye is that 2nd Gen #MotoE has a very casual way of styling. The curved back completely distinguishes it from the rest of the lot. The variety of colours given to the new Grip Shells combines styling with superior grip on the candy-bar phone. This combination is cool ‘ekdam hatke’; the way I like it. I like the different/vibrant colours they come in.
What’s surprising for me was 2nd Gen #MotoE is inheriting a lot of features from Moto X. It’s like ‘chote packet mein bada dhamaka’. For example is the ‘Quick Capture’ feature. All you need to do is twist your wrist twice to launch the camera and twist twice once again to switch to the front-facing camera. Yeah!! You read it right. It does have a front facing camera. The 2nd Gen #MotoE has a VGA front facing camera, to woo the selfie lovers.
Being from the IT sector, I also look for the core specifications apart from the basic features of my phone. And you’ll be astounded to see what upgrades Motorola has given to 2nd Gen #MotoE: 

1st Gen. Moto E
2nd Gen. Moto E
4G LTE Support
Dual-core 1.2 GHz
Quad-core 1.2 GHz
Battery Backup
1980 mAh
2390 mAh
Internal Memory
4 GB
8 GB
Display Size
Auto Focus Feature
(Primary Camera)



All said, I look forward to #ChooseToStart my day with new Moto E waking me up, helping me connect with my friends, capturing the best of the moments, making my travel experience more lively and more over make myself more connected to the world.

You can check out for more details from the makers themselves @

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Abhishek Gorale

A software engineer by profession and a curious blogger by will. An ambivert who balances his creative and geeky sides.


  1. Nice blog and Moto E review !!!
    Keep it up ;)

    1. I'm glad you liked it!!
      Thank you for you appreciation. :)

  2. Review is very clear and precise. Great job!

  3. It's a cool phone! Love the dash of hindi phrases in your post.


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