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Starting a New Life!!

It was my final semester of BSc.I.T (Bachelor of Science – Information Technology); all was set for me to enter a new world when I flunked it by one paper. It was a hard hitting blow considering the efforts I took to get in ‘Science’ stream. 

Flashback: I scored 58.13% in 10th which didn’t qualify me to take ‘Science’ as a stream for college. Science had always been the most fascinating thing for me since childhood; answering all my questions of ‘What’, ‘When’, Why’, ‘Where’. I was low on my self esteem but I was ablaze with determination to get myself back up, to reach where I want to be. Back in those days there was only one window from where you could switch from Commerce stream to Science stream, i.e.: by taking Mathematics & I.T (Information Technology) as subjects. It was a tough journey considering taking the Commerce stream due to Math, which was one of my weaknesses. However, with my resolve and guidance from my professors of both college and classes I achieved to switch to BSc.I.T with sparkling 73.67%. Yahoo!!

Back here I was again in a similar situation after many years. Though I cleared the paper but I still needed a boost into my career which could wash out my flunked paper blot. This particular year was most critical in my life as it was up to me to stand up on my feet – INDEPENDENT.

It was somewhere in the start of January 2011 when my mother read an article of C-DAC (Centre of Development of Advanced Computing) affiliated centre Vidyanidhi Info Tech Academy widely known as VITA. They had organized a 15 day free trial sessions showcasing their strength in teaching and what you will learn from their corporate class trainers. I took this chance and attended all the sessions. The first thought that came in my mind after attending sessions was ‘I want to be their student, to posses more knowledge from this ice berg whose tip I saw in just these 15 days’. I moved forward giving their LET (Late Entrance Test) and was delighted when I cleared it. I was more than happy to be a part of this institute unknown to the fact that it was going to be my ‘turning point’ of life.

15th February 2011 the journey started in VITA. 8am to 8pm was the gruelling schedule, 6 days a week for a period of 6 months. This timetable made VITA my second home as I only use to go home for rest. I was focused and firm, leaving my past setbacks behind to #StartANewLife.

Knowing it very clearly that this was my last chance to invest in my education. I put in every ounce of my energy into grasping the knowledge which was flowing unaltered from the genuine masters of the various technologies. 

Using a 4 in 1 (blue, green, red and black) pen to jot down every word with its significance had become a new style of writing notes. Paying undivided attention and asking countless questions to faculty not even sparing management earned me a pseudonym ‘Mr. Inquisitive’. This 12 hour routine not only prepared me with the knowledge which I need to posses but also injected endurance in me which was much needed in the field of career which I chose. One moment which boosted my self esteem to a whole new level was that I was made project leader of team. Including 8 friends from the batch of friends of 45, which we call VITA Feb’ 11.

Headache, ulcer and less time spent with family were my bruises. But all of this was soothed by the flawless and ever ready to help management at VITA to reach my ultimate aim of having my own home by achieving my goal of getting a job.

This unmatched journey of knowledge and joy was silently erasing the blot in my life polishing my skills and nature to shine bright. The completion of my post graduation here in VITA was marked with 60.32% in my academics and A+ grade in my project along with a job in my hand!!

I couldn’t thank enough to VITA so chose to rhyme a token of gratitude for them and present it with a hand-made greeting.

Whoa!! Recalling this rejuvenating memory has filled me with yet another new found confidence and power to take on the world. Many thanks to for giving me stage to experience these memories once again. Here check out their impressive ad:

Here is my rhymed token of gratitude for VITA.

About Author

Abhishek Gorale

A software engineer by profession and a curious blogger by will. An ambivert who balances his creative and geeky sides.


  1. 😍😍😍 m proud of u my dost and lucky enough to hav a frnd like u.your journey an success is onli becoz of ur hardwork.all the best for future as well

  2. Kudos to you buddy and keep these scrolls coming regularly ;)


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