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In short it’s – Made by Google

I was excited for the #madebygoogle launch scheduled on 4th Oct’ 16 at 9:30pm IST. And now after watching the LIVE streaming I’m SUPER EXCITED! It’s like “Welcome to the Future” event :D

Let me tell you the event in quick “TO THE POINT” snippets from the #madebygoogle LIVE Stream.

AI: Artificial Intelligence
  • -     Mobile first to AI first:
Current generation is closely linked to their phones. We use it for all sorts of day to day stuff. Google is changing this! It is bringing AI to the common people making it your “Personal Assistant”. Like your own Personal Google!
  • -     Hardware Importance:
So far Google as mostly focused on the Software like its Android OS, Search Engine and many other useful products BUT now they’ll also be giving importance to hardware as to meet their technological advancement and better integration with their software. In other words hardware with AI at its core.

 Google Pixel 


  • -     Software/Hardware: Both software and hardware is designed and built by Google.

  • -     Built-in Google Assistant: 1st smartphone to have built-in Google Assistant.

  • -     Photography: DxOMark rated Google Pixel camera as 89. Highest rating any smartphone ever got! Image stability for video and UNLIMITED storage of photos/videos with Full Resolution on Cloud for Pixel Owners.

  • -     Daydream (VR): Pixel phones are Google Daydream ready.

  • -     Battery: Improved battery with 7 hours of power in just 15mins!

  • -     Android OS: Nougat. 

  • -     OS Updates: Will happen in background so that you can use your phone more and leave the update job to OS.

  • -     Customer Care Support: 24/7 with screen share facility and other option for quick resolution.

  • -     Cover: Brand new customized designs for cover.

  • -     Variants: Pixel 5” display & Pixel XL 5.5” display.

  • -     Colours: Quite Dark, Very Silver and Really Blue (Limited Edition).

  • -     Where to Buy (India): Flipkart, Reliance Digital, Croma and Google Store.

  • -     Pre-Order (India): 13th Oct’ 16.
For full specification please click here.



  • -     Design: Comfy design is the highest priority for Google with its VR Daydream.

  • -     VR material: Device made of fabric instead of plastic or other metals.

  • -     Weight: 30% lighter and other VR devices in market.

  • -     Accessibility: Fits over eye glasses.

  • -     Connectivity: Wireless connect to Google Pixel phones.

  • -     Feature: Keep controller in the VR itself after use.

  • -     Colours: Snow, Slate and Crimson.

  • -     Fun Fact: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Will come in Google Daydream. Wow!
For more details please click here.

Google Wi-Fi


  • -  Small, smart for home Wi-Fi.
For more details please click here.

Chromecast Ultra 


  • -     Video Quality: 4K.

  • -     Buffering Speed: 1.8 times faster to load content.

  • -     Connectivity: Comes with Ethernet port.
For more details please click here.

Google Home 


  • -     Audio: Play podcast/music/radio through voice commands on services like Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora and TuneIn.

  • -     Assistant: With Google Assistant integrated it will help you with your queries without you even approaching your smartphone or computer.

  • -     Manage Task: It will manage your task. Like briefing you with your day events like your personal assistant.

  • -     Control: With your permission it will control smart devices at home like Chromecast to have a seamless voice control over TV or with AC for prefect temperature for the room etc.

  • -     Colours: 6 colours to suit your home interiors.

  • -     Fun Fact: Netflix collaborating with Google Home soon!
For more details please click here.
Google Assistant


Finally the Google Assistant which is the CORE of the Google technology. Google is focusing on mainly 2 types of actions:

  • -     Direct Action: You say a command “Please keep the volume low” to reduce the volume.

  • -     Conversation Action: Decision making over a conversation like booking an Uber cab. Both the Consumer and Seller will communicate and come to a decision.
Google is working on this to enhance its Google Assistant’s productivity.

For more details please click here.  


Google Assistant SDK is launching next year i.e.: 2017 for developers to integrate with any device.

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  1. Wow, now I'm also interested in this masterpiece. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah. It's a true flagship phone by Google.


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