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Success is relative

Time is relative. This is what Albert Einstein determined in his Theory of Relativity. To explain you this in simple words as I recollect from my school days I'd say if you are spending time with your loved ones then one hour spent with them would feel like few minutes but if you put your hand on a hot pan for few seconds it would feel like minutes.

Considering you understood my example I'd like to take it further and relate it to a very important aspect of our lives.


What is success?

Is it money, social status, traveling around the world, having a relationship or starting a family, commencing your own business or getting a job?

Well as I see it success is anything which you dreamt of and worked hard for and achieved it. It can be as simple as getting up in the morning or sleeping on time in the night. It can be getting your driving license or buying a car. It can be spending a quality time with your family or buying a home for them.

Is success time bound?

I'd say no! We come in this world and start living it with what we have in our hands. Some our born rich some become rich later on in their lives. Some are normal some are differently abled. Some are quick learners and some take their own sweet time. So rather than binding your success with other's timeline bind it with your efforts. You'll be successful sooner. Because as I said before we start our lives with what we have in our hands. What to do with what we have is our choice. You may sulk over it or shine using it.

Should I compare my success with others?

Again a big no! Success like happiness is a personal thing. Your success cannot be compared with anyone but your own. If you start comparing it with other's success you'll always feel unsuccessful. Compete with yourself and you'll never fail but excel. At the same time I do not mean that you shouldn't look for other's success stories. Follow your idol get inspired, adjust and adapt your course to succeed. The best part of being human I believe is inspiring someone and getting inspired by someone. It's free like the air you breathe which keeps you alive.

Success is a fundamental part of being human. It's defined by you, achieved by you in the timeline you set and it can grow exponentially if you keep comparing it to your own success. Since success depends on you I'd say success is relative.

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