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Operation: Ag jubilé

“Hey sis, what surprise shall we plan for mom & dad’s 25th wedding anniversary?” It was just a week away and I was still struggling for an idea. She was just pacing around in her frustration “Argh, I’m trying to think of one since last one month. So far we have given greetings, made fancy craft items, and surprised them with gifts on their previous anniversaries. But this particular one needs to be very special, one that is memorable especially for them”. I was thinking over the pointers which she mentioned “Whatever we plan it should be about them rather than what we feel for them. Let us jot down a few memories they have shared with us of their golden days. We shall figure out something on that line.”

For the next few days we were recollecting the memories in a labyrinth of our thoughts.

It was Saturday, mom went to mart with aunt and dad was in office. An apt time, just what we needed for discussing operation: Ag Jubilé. We gave codename to our plan where Ag – stood for Silver and Jubilé meant Jubilee in French. 

“Tell me what you got.” I said as we sat down to combine our ideas. “Dad always talks about how delighted he was when he ate Bhakri (round flat unleavened bread) made by mom for the first time and that it was the main reason that led to their marriage.” I recalled it and immediately noted it down as she continued. “Also he loved the way mom blushed on the marriage day.” I was astounded to see how she remembered these minor details. “Yes! I know dad always mentions it.” I said as I noted yet another point. Being an elder child I knew the hardships they went through together. She read my face “Yeah Big B also mention the tough times.” I wrote it down with a smile seeing my little sister behaving like elder. “Dad is very generous” she mentioned “And mom is strong-willed” I said completing the sentence. “Great!! Write them down.” 

“Show me the points you wrote.” She snatched the notepad and went through the list with sheer focus. I took this time to think of some good way of presenting these memories. “Good! We got quite a few of their quality memories. Come on now rhyme them.” She asserted snapping me out my mind palace. “What?” I was taken aback. “Rhyme it. I’ve given you the words now use your magic and rhyme it.” She said with all the excitement in the world. I was amazed at how my little sister is growing and becoming smarter like me. *WIDE GRIN* “That’s a great idea to present those evergreen memories in a rhyme.” I patted her thanking for this wonderful idea. 

It was now my time to implement the rest of the plan. I was going through list forming verses. This was its outcome: 
It all started with a bhakri...
Dad ko patt gai ek chokri...

Beautiful si thi woh...
Dil ko chu jaane waali uski muskan...

Dad ussi mein kho gaye...
Aur bana li usse apni jaan...

Aaj hi ke din woh ek saath huye...
Woh kehte hai na "Bane hai ek duje ke liye"...

Saath mein unhone kiya labma safar...
Kabhi sidhi toh kabhi tedi thi dagar...

Hausala na haare, chalte rahe woh saath saath...
Ek dusare ka leke haatho mein haath..

Ek taraf hai dayavan...
Toh dusri aur buland mann...

Happy 25th Aniversary...
Our dear Sangeeta & Kiran...

“WOW! Bro, this is wonderful.” She exclaimed after reading the rhyme. I was more than happy to be able to carve this piece out of those beautiful memories. 

Finally the day dawned. We arranged for a simple get-together at home, making sure our parents weren’t aware of our little surprise. 

“Happy Anniversary!” we all said in unison. Me, my sister and our extended family everyone had gathered to celebrate the auspicious day. Our parents were happy to see everyone and were thanking them for their presence and their blessings.

“OK! Everyone please settle down. I have something to present for this made for each other couple.” As everyone settled down I cleared my throat to give a dramatic effect. Gathering all the strength in me I said “Dear mom dad this one is for you two from all of us here.” I read the lines slow and in rhythm in-between looking up to see their reactions. I was delighted to see them recalling those days with every word I spoke. As I finished it everyone clapped and appreciated me. I took a bow and mentioned my sister’s genuine involvement. I and sis went ahead and hugged our parents. They were smiling with tears in their eyes. “We love you!” was all that we could tell each other. Because the feelings we were experiencing were beyond words. 

To my surprise grandma gave me a 100 rupee note as a token of appreciation. I was so excited. It was my first income through my writing. I had smile on my face and peace in my heart. I looked at everyone as I took the money. They all were nodding in agreement with grandma. All of them together gave me an optimistic sight of my future with my writing. 

This was my #lookup story which wouldn’t have been narrated without giving me a platform.

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