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The title comprises of two simple words. Both of which are dear to everyone. But when these two words are used as one, more often than not we tend to undermine its significance. 

And it's not anyone's fault for doing so. After all how many of us actually value their breathing, the heart which pumps blood in our body or the fitness of our very own body until we are suffocating, have increased level of cholesterol or when we fall sick. 

My point here is housewives have become such an integral part of our lives that we've forgotten to respond to them even in the simplest of gesture such as a smile of appreciation.

Housewives are the base of our house, pillars of our daily life. Starting with the alarm clock in the morning her day goes by various tasks one after another (all done alone without any supervision) till washing dinner utensils in the night. 

Now if you say what's such a big deal in that? Let me elaborate it.

We actually have our very own chef at home. On weekdays we get everything on time, don't we? Tea, breakfast, lunchbox and dinner. Over the weekends our chef fulfils our taste buds. From Chicken to Chat, Chinese to Continental, Indian to Italian. We ask for it, we get it. To be frank unlimited!! Not to mention the food is prepared keeping in mind your health needs/diet/allergies.

Washing, drying, ironing and arranging them back in cupboards these are not just the things which she does. But she also goes shopping with you. Doesn't she? If these tasks looks simple let's try these on some Sunday in order to check in how much time and energy it utilizes.

She is the best saving account with no minimum deposit. Yeah of course she spends more at times but then she spends not just on her but on us as well. Remember the birthday presents, the extra gold jewellery she purchased from her savings ;)

She is first teacher of your children. Right from the birth she inculcates good manners, becomes a friend/adviser in the UPS and DOWNS of their life. She is the one who loves/cares the kids 9 months more than you do ;)

Everyone does sacrifice being in a family then what's so special about her sacrifice. Well I feel she has sacrificed her ego for the sake of loving you. That I believe very few can do and live with it. 

The work of a housewife is same as any other work in the world. Utilising the same amount of time and energy if not more.

You might be wondering being a man how could I know so much about a housewife. Well I'm son of a housewife and proud of her. And more than that I value her work and the time she has invested in me to make me what I'm today. 

 Happy Women's Day Mom :)

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Abhishek Gorale

A software engineer by profession and a curious blogger by will. An ambivert who balances his creative and geeky sides.


  1. May be that's why we call them homemaker now. No gender bais and no more looking down upon then. True! Women are such a blessing.


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