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You never know..

It was a gloomy night. He was walking on the footpath kicking stones cursing the day. It was a really exhaustive day for him.


Shifting in the bed realising why the alarm hasn't gone off yet, he looked at the clock. The hands of the clock showed 1:25. He was closing eyes thinking he got up in the middle of night when suddenly his attention turned towards the vase at the back of the clock which was shimmering in golden light. Shocked, he turned behind to see the sun has risen already! He immediately checked his mobile for the exact time and popped out of his bed cursing the alarm clock.

It was his "first interview" day and due to the clock he was going to be late. He got ready as quickly as possible without taking shower picked up his backpack and ran out of the house. The escalator was too slow for him so he rather decided to sprint down the stairs 2 at a time. To his luck he got a rickshaw as soon as he got out of the building.

He thanked his father who advised him to pack all the necessary stuff in his backpack a day before the interview, which was really a good move. Gauging the time left, he started reciting interview questions simultaneously giving directions to the driver.

He took a sigh of relief when he finally reached the destination, though he was late by 15 minutes. He called the HR to apologize and explained his delay. Being one stubborn HR she trashed him for his negligence before agreeing for the interview. Grateful to the stars he went in the company building revising the interview questions in his mind. 

The interview went for 4 hours. Coming out disappointed that he couldn't give his 100% percent made him feel doubtful that he'll get the job. He was both disheartened and hungry. Realising he didn't have breakfast in the morning he tried to find the office canteen. Locating it and getting himself a lunch he found a vacant table at the far end of the canteen as it was full due to peak hour. Taking in his first morsel he felt good for the first time in the whole day. Looking around the humongous canteen his eyes fell upon a girl. He knew her. She was his best friend in college. He totally forgot in the day's chaos that even she was going to come here for the interview. Hadn't he been delayed, he wouldn't have to see her at all because their scheduled timings didn't intersect. But here they were now, looking at each other like strangers and to add bitterness to the situation with utmost dislike.

She tried to find a seat but couldn't find any other then the one next to him. Reluctantly she started walking towards his table. With her every step he was recollecting the memories of their friendship becoming sore. She didn't even give him a glance and sat on the vacant seat. Not able to contemplate anything he got up and left, picking up his still full plate dumped it and stormed out of the canteen. She noticed it all. It was equally hurting her, bringing her almost to tears but she couldn't allow herself to shed a tear in this place. 

Now both angry and empty stomach he got out of the office cursing his luck for the day. While he was about to step out he got a call from HR informing him that the results will be declared by EOD and asked him few more questions.

The rest of the day followed the suit and became duller. Firstly he didn't find anything to eat outside the office. Secondly he didn't feel like eating anything since their coincidental crossroads. 


As he was walking a butterfly glided past his neck and ever so lightly sat on the flower on the sides of Street. That bought a smile on his face. He always felt a close bond with nature and somehow the nature knew how to cheer him up. He slowly went down on his knees to watch the butterfly hoping it was a good sign his beloved nature was trying to hint. Then as always with a sudden motion the butterfly took off. He watched it until it disappear in the darkness of night.

Cutting through the silence of the street his phone rang, it was the HR. Trembling he picked up the phone. She greeted him informing him that he passed the interview and that they'll soon release his offer letter. Not believing his ears he was silent, tears rolling down his eyes. He could now finally aid his family financially. He thanked the HR and hung the phone.

Immediately the phone rang again! It was her. Puzzled with the excitement of getting a job and memories rushing in by seeing her name on phone, took him a while to answer the phone. 

“Hello?” he said uncertain of what he would hear. “H-he-he-hello” She said tears rolling down her eyes.

“Hey take a deep breath and have some water first” he instructed her. He knew what was happening to her. 

“Th-tha-tha-thank you”, her voice still trembling as she was overwhelmed with joy. "Thank you for convincing the HR over my stammering issue. She told me how you explained her my condition and medication when they had d-do-doubt after my interview. And that I was more capable irrespective of my st-stam-stammer. I got this job and yet a-ag-again you covered me!"

He was sobbing now. He knew how important the job was for her. He had always helped her overcome the stammering problem and covered her up during project vivas in college. Today while leaving office HR actually called him to know more about her rather than informing about result declaration time. He couldn't bring the fight in between the job opportunities and explained the HR her progress she has made with her medication and explained her qualities which were bang on for the job. 

“P-ple-plea-please don't cry” she said feeling his concerns for her. “I'm sorry”, he said still sobbing.

“Please don't say that. It wa-was-wasn't your fault. It all went wrong due to the m-mis-misunderstanding. I'm sorry too for not trusting you” she said cursing herself. Tears still flowing. 

“Well, you’re welcome. That's what friends are for!” he said wiping his tears finally. “No, that's what best friends do!” she concluded teary eyed but with a smile now. He reciprocated her smile and with it a deeper and stronger friendship bloomed.

They ended the call only after planning to meet-up for the celebration for getting their first job and the fact that they were in the same company made it merrier. With a content heart he looked up at the starry sky only to see nature wink at him with a shooting star.

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