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Happy Birthday?

Let my rhyme wish you..Have a wonderful and prosperous life ahead !!

When I saw you at first.. You seemed to be strict...
At the entrance all behaved, as it was your district...

The moment we entered the lab, we were back to normal...
We would untie our neck-tie and become informal...

For a week or so this routine continued... 
Until I started my questions which you couldn't elude...

In no time our rapport started building...
Why a constructed building is still called a building??

My questions increased as I would never be at ease... 
You had answers for all, which shed away all my worries...

Slow and steady I was gaining my merit... 
Unaware of the fact that, I was becoming your favorite...

Days, weeks, months, years passed...
But those memories and our relation lasts...

Do you know the meaning of loam? 
Anyway you make VITA my second home...

Your Favorite
Question Mark

About Author

Abhishek Gorale

A software engineer by profession and a curious blogger by will. An ambivert who balances his creative and geeky sides.


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You are my moon, I'm the sun.

You are my moon, I'm the sun.
We see each other every day but the distance between us will stay.

You are my moon, I'm the sun.
You may have scars all over your face but my light will only show your grace.

You are my moon, I'm the sun.
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You are my moon, I'm the sun.
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You are my moon, I'm the sun.

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I missed your first talk. I left for office when you first walk.
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I cancelled our plan for the sunset. I know I owe you my time as a debt.
I wish for a life to live those lost moments. More than you, I regret my absence.
I was out there to make your future bright. I want your days ahead to be filled with light.
Coz I’ve been in the darkness and blues. I'd never want you to walk a mile in my shoes. This post is a part of Write Overthe Weekend, an initiative for IndianBloggers by BlogAdda.