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Abhishek Gorale

A software engineer by profession and a curious blogger by will. An ambivert who balances his creative and geeky sides.


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Life is a box of emptiness..

In valley of singing birds and a river, lived a brother and his sister in a wooden cabin. His name was Daniel and hers Shirley. Daniel used to earn bread by cutting timber and Shirley was in school. He was creative whereas she was curious!

Yours truly, Author

Dear Blog,
This is the first time I’m writing a letter to you. Hope you receive it in time. It’s been a while since I thought of writing a letter to you, to tell you how important you are to me. We have been together since few years now but there was hardly a time we spoke to each other. I believe there’s no better way than a snail mail to fill up this gap. Frankly speaking I can’t recollect what motivated me to start a blog but I do remember how the enthusiasm kicked in and we started writing our own history together. We started the journey with youthful rhymes. Yeah! I remember why we decided it to be named as “rhymes” & not poems. It was because we didn’t consider ourselves to match the level of those celebrated poets. We considered ourselves rookie in this field but I must say I enjoyed and still do the way we wrote rhymes & were eager to publish it to the world. We were like a drop in the sea but what encouraged us was that now we are the part of the sea! Year passed and we…

All New Kindle 2016 (8th Generation Kindle)

Hi there! All you readers, the ones who spends maximum time reading while travelling, while munching, while enjoying rains near the window, on the cube in a book store and so on. There are more combinations for way of reading then there are stars in our galaxy!
This is my personal & an unconventional review for the e-reader ALL NEW KINDLE 2016 (8TH GENERATION KINDLE). I’ve been using this device for around a year now and I must say I’m a completely satisfied reader using an e-reader.
Like many out there I too was reluctant to get an e-reader on the first place!
Reason: - e-reader device cost - losing the feel of a book - no fragrance of the pages - another electronic device (requires charging, feel wise opposite of what a book gives while reading)
So what actually made me get an e-reader for myself?